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    Anyone familiar with "Powerline" brand? (jointer, bandsaw)

    hi all --

    is anyone here familiar with the "Powerline" brand? --

    i Googled "powerline" but i could only find listings for blades (and lots of electrical stuff, of course!).

    i'm curious about quality, reliability, country of origin etc.

    i saw an ad for 2 tools made by them:

    6" wood jointer model wj-6p from powerline
    14" wood cutting band saw model wbs-14p from powerline"

    thanks in advance --

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    I just recently purchased a PowerLine 14" Band Saw and to my amazment found this post from flipstuff! Dated Feb 2005, Well Iam sorry I am late but it is something that I am getting used to the older I get.
    I found very little listed, and Nothing Listed when I googled this Powerline Brand, BUT.
    I did find an interchangeable parts supply for needed parts. They are all available from Harbor Freight, Using a SK# 67575 for the Central Machinery 14" Four Speed Bandsaw.
    The parts are an identical swap with minor upgrade in part design that actually makes them better.
    Iam not saying that everything is interchangable, but when your "Up a creek with no Paddle" its better than having a machine shop fabricate the parts.
    Hope this works for someone else with this ole problem.

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