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    ericf (Guest)

    Restoring rusty tools.

    Several years ago I inherited 3 generations of shop tools and equipment. What a legacy has been left by my uncles, grandfathers, and my own father! Many of the hand tools; planes, saws, etc. are very rusty (not all pitted). My question to the collective experience out there is what the best rust removal treatment or program might be suggested? I hope to restore most of these beauties back to as close to original as possible and use them as they were intended. Bring on the opinions! Experience builds knowledge.

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    jeff from pa (Guest)

    RE: Restoring rusty tools.

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    RE: Restoring rusty tools.

    umm....the link doesn't work for me. I have a couple of old hand tools that need restoring as well.... mostly rust and possibly some acid corrosion.

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    RE: Restoring rusty tools.

    Here's a good description of using electolosis to remove rust.


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