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    How do I attach bullnose molding to a shelf?

    For my fireplace mantel project, I need to put a 3 /4 inch wide by 5/8 inch thick length of bullnose molding (that I bought from Lowes) onto the front and side edges of a 5 foot long piece of 1x6 oak that will be used for the mantel shelf. This bullnose will simply be used to enhance the edges of the shelf.
    My problem is, how do I attach this bullnose to the edge of the 1x6? I know that my only choices are glue, nails or a combination of the two, but I cringe at the thought of trying to predrill for nails into the rounded edge of bullnose molding, since Im afraid that the bit will just slip off if I use a hand drill. Should I use a drill press with the molding clamped to the bed of the press? Should I use brad point drill bits?
    I suppose that glue by itself, without the nails, would hold, but then I have to worry about how Im going to clamp the bullnose to the 1x6, since I dont want to mar the front of the bullnose with the clamps, not to mention the fact that a flat clamp may slip off the round bullnose.
    Any suggestions on how to get this done would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: How do I attach bullnose molding to a shelf?

    Louis, get yourself a small centerpunch - or even a scratch awl. If you use a centerpunch, sharpen it to a very acute angle. Use that to start your drill holes.

    That nose does represent a clamping problem, particularly if you don't intend to do a lot of them in the future. In this case, finish nails would hold the work while the glue dries.

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    RE: How do I attach bullnose molding to a shelf?

    I find that just glue works fine for bullnose or shelf-edge molding - I use oak mostly on mine, but I've never had to clamp so hard that I mar the front edge, even with just using plain metal bar clamps.

    You can't see it terribly well in the picture, but all the shelves here are plywood, each with a shelf-edge molding:

    - Kevin

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