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    Foley Manufacturing?

    Anyone ever heard of this company? I have a co-worker who has a lathe she bought at a garage sale that has this information on it -

    Foley Power Tool
    Model 1500 Serial number 1881
    Foley Manufacturing Co, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    The lathe is missing a part, and she said if I could find out about it, she might give it to me!

    I've tried the Google thing, but with not much luck. Any further information would be greatly appreciated.

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    RE: Foley Manufacturing?

    best hting i cam eup with is this: [|old woodworking mahcines]
    but they dont actualy have anyinfo. but they claim that foley-belsaw was a sharpening/filing company. the same for foley manufacturing.

    this will sound off the wall: but here goes. does she actually have a grinder that she thinks is a lathe??? dont mean to sound like a a$$hole or male chauvanist... but the only thing foley made were grinders and sharpening equipment. at least that i have found...
    good luck and here's hoping its a free lathe!!!! :) :7

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    RE: Foley Manufacturing?

    Some blurbs found searching. Maybe an apple lathe?

    "The original company is Foley Saw Tool Co., which was succeeded by Foley Manufacturing Co., which merged with Belsaw Manufacturing Co. to became Foley-Belsaw, and then split again into Belsaw Co. and Foley-United Co."

    "The Foley name is well known throughout the world as a leader of quality products used both in homes and businesses. In 1926 Walter Ringer purchased Foley Manufacturing, which at that time built a machine for sharpening meat saws. He eventually developed the entire line of sharpening machines used to sharpen any item that needed to have a sharp edge restored.

    In the early 1930ís he began manufacturing the Foley Food Mill under license from the inventor in France. This product has been widely used in households from the time on and is still a fixture in many kitchens. During World War II the company made canteens and mess kits for the military, earning the "E" Award for excellence awarded by the war department for outstanding suppliers. The Food Mill was the start of the Foley line of cookware. Due to import pressures and competitive realignment of the cookware industry, these products were sold to Mirro Corporation in Manitowoc, Wisconin in 1981."

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