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    Joe C. in California

    Walker Turner Lathe

    Recently I bought a lathe at a garage sale for $50.00. Like most garage sale items some things are missing. It is a walker turner "driver line". It has a four foot bed, but the base stand is missing. The spindle protrudes from the left side of the head as well with a reverse thread. I imagine for turning bowls. It is missing the morse #2 drive center. Where can I get parts and information? Thanks Joe

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    RE: Walker Turner Lathe

    The good news is that you have a #2 taper, You can get parts for that based on almost any Lathe. I would recomend "The Lathe Book" by Ernie Cnover Taunton Press. He covers most of the setup of the lathe including how to build good legs out of plywood boxs.

    Good luck.

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    toby Dean

    RE: Walker Turner Lathe

    thats a fine lathe, i have used one for years. keep in mind that the spindle has a different thread for faceplates than many other common lathes- I think its 1 1/4" x 12 thread buyt you can check it. Have fun!

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