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Thread: cork pop guns

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    brlee (Guest)

    cork pop guns

    Looking for a pattern to make the old pop guns that shoot corks. Anybody know where I can get a pattern?

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    Sonny Edmonds

    No, those things are dangerous....

    ...they teach kids to be violent and hurt each other.
    So they took them off the shelves for our safety and to make us better citizens when we grow up.
    Along with Spud Guns, and pea shooters. Horrors! We might loose an eye or hurt each other.
    That was in the 50's and early 60's.
    Guess that didn't work either. Seeing as we can take over an aircraft and kill thousands with box cutters and ceramic knives these days.

    Nope....haven't seen a "Pop gun" in a while. But Dad made sure we all learned how to handle firearms and shoot straight. Still can, my four Sisters and I. With deadly accuracy.
    Maybe somebody here has one laying around or has seen one in an antique store though.

    "Precision Firewood Specialist"

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    RE: cork pop guns

    I saw plans somewhere, but can't remember where.

    This is from memory:

    Cut out the outline of your cork gun (you would have to design your own) from material that is about 1/4 to 1/2" thicker than you want your cork hole. For better durability, you could go even thicker.

    From the front of the barrel to the back of the gun, drill a hole for a small dowel. Then re-drill just the barrel area with a larger bit. The diameter of this hole should be such that you can put the cork in just over half-way (half of the cork's length).

    Cut the small dowel so it stick out the back of the gun about 3/4" or so, and so it goes about 1/2 to 3/4 the way to the front of the barrel. Screw a rubber washer or round piece of gasket material to the front end of the small dowel. You want it to be snug in the barrel so you get a good air seal, but not so tight that it won't operate freely. Drill out a short piece of larger dowel, or a wooden bead to accept the small dowel, and slide it over the small dowel. Attach it with a small screw, but no glue. You will want to be able to disassemble it for replacing the rubber washer, if you ever need to.

    With the plunger pulled back, put a cork in the barrel. Push rapidly forward on the plunger and away the cork goes.

    One thing that we had as kids (back in the olden days), was a string that kept the cork safely attached to the gun. That way we couldn't actually hit anyone when we fired the cork. Of course, we always managed to be close enough to each other that we still could inflict a hit.

    Our local library had a book for making old toys. If I can find the pop gun plans, I'll send you a copy if I can do it without violating the copyright. Maybe these rough instructions will do you for know.

    Pastor Paul

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    RE: No, those things are dangerous....

    Amen, Sonny!

    We, as a society, need to be protected from those EVIL corks. And what about rubber bands? Aren't those a potential danger? They're going to ban cutlery in the kitchen, soon (somebody might cut their finger). And have all humanity file down their teeth, to ease the sharp edges. Somebody might bite their tongue and require stitches.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, but the idea of government stripping me of my rights as a proud American, just gnaws on my spine. Now some kid can't even get a harmless cork gun (at a nickel-dime store at least).

    Have a great day,

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