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    RE: No Jerry.....


    Guess I just like to b!tch about it in my old age, crotchety old f@rt that I am.

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    RE: Am I the Maytag Repairman?


    A lot of things are hereditary. For example, our daughter got her brains from her mother. How do I know this? 'Cause I've still got all mine. :P

    Researchers have recently discovered that diarrhea is hereditary. It runs in the jeans. :P :P

    Pastor Paul

    "If they don't have woodworking in heaven, I ain't going!!!"

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    Sonny Edmonds

    RE: No Jerry.....

    Well, you are entitled, Jerry.
    But that part about being a Daddy is life long my Friend! ;)


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    "Precision Firewood Specialist"
    God Bless America !
    One Nation Under God!

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    RE: Am I the Maytag Repairman?

    >I'm jealous - I wish I was more mechanically inclined.


    Don't be jealous, if you were more mechanically inclined, you would have to around fixing all kinds of stuff. Truly, it can be a drag.

    But then, that is where Daddies, like Jerry, shine :)

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    RE: Am I the Maytag Repairman?

    Well, as an example...

    I finally stopped procrastinating and did my snowthrower maintenance today. Ick. I've got to travel soon for work, and don't want my wife home alone without a way to clear the driveway. Especially since northern Maine got 6-12" of snow within the past couple days (so says the news).

    Took me 3 hours to check all the fluids, grease the moving parts, and change out the gas (I was naughty and didn't properly store it at the end of last year).

    It shouldn't have taken me so long. However, I'd never used a grease gun before, and it took me 30 minutes to figure out what I was doing wrong with the directionless new grease gun I bought. I'm such a moron. DOH! :P

    Just goes to show...

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    RE: Am I the Maytag Repairman?

    In my youth, I had a friend that taught me how to fix almost anything. It was all logical. If you don't force anything!

    Start at the top of a flight of stairs and remove the first part. Leave that part and attaching screws on the top step.

    Move down one step. Remove the next part. Leave that part and attaching screws on the step.

    Move down one step............

    You should be able to eventually find the faulty part and replace it.

    Heck, I'll even fix TV remote controls, sometimes.

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    RE: Am I the Maytag Repairman?

    >I noticed the Readers Digest Home Repair Manual
    >we got for her husband a few years back. That's got all
    >sorts of fix-it stuff in there, including a section on home
    >appliances. Oh well.

    It's difficult though if you're not that way inclined.

    I just went through a right run around with our drier - same reasons as you from the sounds of things.
    Just can't afford the repairman...We ended up buying a new one after ours simply stopped working completely while all the thermal sensors and element tested out fine and it looked more likely that the motor had simply burnt out, all the while the sensors were somehow still testing fine for continuity yet the whole back of the damned thing was burning (Actualy blackening through heat build up).
    It was an old drier, (the stray objects I managed to pull out of inside this thing was ridiculous) and from the looks of things the element must have been touching the sides of the case to cause that amount of heat, plus those sensors were not tripping to allow it to operate to this temperature, plus an off chance the motor was also dead.
    Made us feel slightly better about getting a new one.

    Anyway, point being, you don't want to be the goto man when appliances break, no, but to some, opening up something like this to poke around is about as naturaly attractive as operating on the family dog.

    Did good Mr Dad.

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    RE: No Jerry.....hey not so fast...

    Nah, couldn't be, could it ;)

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    I was recently my own repair man. A few weeks ago my fridge’s ice maker stopped working – it wasn’t making anymore ice. After spending a couple hours looking at the fridge and trying to see what the problem was I gave up. I then went online to see what information I could turn up. After doing some research and finding out what the problem was I stumbled upon this company PartSelect. I had my fridge’s model number in hand and located the correct part I needed from that site. Up to this point I had never replaced anything more than a broken light bulb. They sent me a YouTube video with the part so I could see how the replacement went. When the part arrived, my wife and I got to work. With the laptop in the kitchen following along the video I was ready. I broke out the tool belt and got to work. In less than a hour I had that valve fixed, the ice maker was working and most of all the wife was happy! It does pay to be your own repair man. 

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    I found the company's link if anyone is interested: PartSelect.


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