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    Joining Dowel Rod Segments

    I need to be able to accurately and securely join two pieces of dowel rods so that they can be unscrewed from each other like a two piece pool cue.

    I know there must be a tried and true method for doing this and would appreciate any advice on how I can do this.

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    RE: Joining Dowel Rod Segments

    This may or may not help, but if you go to, they use to have the parts for making pool cues and the hardware you're talking about is in there.

    On other option would be to take the same nut that has the points in it and a machine thread in the center for the adjustable foot to screw into. You could tap that into the end of the dowel rod and buy a seperate machine thread in whatever length from H.D., drill a hole and epoxy it into the other end.



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    RE: Joining Dowel Rod Segments

    a lathe would be of great help here, it would probably yield the best results but a drill press and some cleverness would probably work too.

    I am pretty sure you could post this in the woodturning section as well as here and get many many variations on how to do this on the lathe, or router mounted in a lathe like jig.

    Are you looking to make a cue ?

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    RE: Joining Dowel Rod Segments

    Welcome to the forum, Golden!

    What diameter dowel are you talking about? That could be important here.

    Two approaches spring immediately to mind - one technique involves the use of a double-ended screw, like the screw that comes packaged with a swag hook, only with "wood" threads on both ends. That'd likely work fairly well for larger dowels.

    Another approach would be to epoxy a "coupling nut" into a hole in one dowel, and thread a long matching threaded rod into the other.

    Come to think of it, if you're talking rather large dowels... you could cut a tenon on the end of one and thread the WOOD with a male thread. You'd drill a hole in the end of the other dowel and thread IT female. Then there'd be no metal at all in the project, yet you'd still have screw threads.

    What are you planning to make?

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