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    Cutting piano hinge

    I need to cut a steel piano hinge down from 36" to about 34". The Lee Valley catalog says they are easy to cut, but does not explain how. I am putting it on a toy chest. I don't want a ragged cut. I have never cut a steel hinge. I have a scroll saw, band saw or a jig saw. Is there a preferred method (I realize I will need a metal cutting blade)? I would like to make sure it is a nice straght cut and I am thinking it would need to be filed or sanded so there isn't a sharp edge. The steel hinge has an antique brass looking finish. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Dan

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    A jig saw, fine tooth steel cutting blade, low speed should cut the hinge with no problem. You could make a simple guide to keep the saw square with the hinge. The mounting hole spacing may be a little off if you do not cut a little off both ends. You need to find the small dent in the knuckle that keeps the hinge pen from moving. I have cut hinges and have not been happy that the plating was missing in the cut area. I would consider using two 12 inch hinges spaced across the box so the plating would be nice looking.
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    I've used piano hinge in several projects, and as bmorto said, you may have to cut a little off each end to get a pleasing screw hole placement. Another trick I learned, is that after the cuts are made, and the leaves are smoothed, take a fine center pinch and peen the end of the rod on both ends to keep it from worming its way out. Not all hinges have the "knuckle". Slow speed with a hack saw is the best way(IMO) to cut it. tape over the area to be cut to keep from scratching the finish, and have at it. Not everything requires a power tool.

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