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Thread: Inherited Older Delta unisaw- Power issue

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    Inherited Older Delta unisaw- Power issue

    Hey All,

    New member here.

    I just got a great older Delta Unisaw from a friend of the owner who has passed away.
    I have no manuals or info on it. I don't even know if it is 110 or 220. It had a plug on it with one blade turned 90 degrees, but only 2 blades.

    I would like to change it to 110 if it is not already (I don't think so, because I changed the plug and no go).

    I have searched online and really cant find much. I cant even find a model number, just the serial number 72-3704. From what I have found is that the serial number indicates it is a 1949 model, but it seems to have a newer magnetic switch and motor starter.
    So any help would be appreciated, because now it is just a 300 lb paperweight taking up room in the garage.


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    This site may give you some information:

    Is your plug identical to the plug shown on this page, just missing round third pin, if so it is 20 amp 220 volts, if flat blade is on other side then it could be 20 amp 110 volts.
    Frank C

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    Most Unisaws are 220 volt and if rated for more than 2 hp, it probably cannot be converted to 110 without changing the motor and in the process, losing a good bit of power. If it were me, I would stick with 220 volt. It may cost a little to have a 220 v circuit run for the saw, but you won't regret it. If you can find the model number on the saw somewhere, you should be able to download an operations manual for your saw from the website.


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