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    aquarium stand plans

    I'm trying to build a plan for an aquarium stand. My aquarium will be 60"wide x 24"deep x 30"tall and when filled will weigh about 2400lbs. I want the stand to be 36" to 40" tall and I need to maximize the amount of space INSIDE the stand for all my equipment.

    The stand will be 61"wide x 25"deep x 36"tall. I'm concerned about the stand being top-heavy and i'm not sure if these stands can handle the dimensional stress's.

    I have attached a couple of cad plans, please let me know if you can help me.


    On top of all the stands will be 3/4" plywood before the aquarium.
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    Well you would certainly be correct about being top heavy. I would highly suggest building a frame from steel then using a wood panel system with studs to bolt to the frame so you could remove panels as you need to perform maintenance.

    Just my 3 cents
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    Here is a link that might answer some of your questions.

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    I looked at you plans and I see them all as "Over Kill".
    I have a 265 gallon tank, which is slighty larger than yours, and the stand frame is made of 1x4's with 1/2" thick recessed panels. The recessed panels only offer lateral strength to keep it from collapsing due to "Racking".

    My stand is constructed similar to the sketch on the link that charlie provided.
    The main differences between the sketch and my stand is that the tank rests on the top frame (without the 2x4 posts) and then it has another frame on the outside, made of a wider 1x which creates a recess for the tank. It also has an outer-frame at the base. My stand is also closed in with recessed panels fastened to the inside of the frames. and because of the length (7') i have 2 mid styles in the front and back.

    I would also advise you to NOT use plywood or any thing under the tank. It offers nothing for strength but it could create a problem with mold forming between it and the tank.

    You could go to your local aquarium stores and look at how the stands are constructed and you will see that there is no need to use 2x materials at all.

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    pharmd99: I too looked at your plans and yes that is a common approach though over built. My daughter has a 265 gallon tank, 7' X 24" 30" I believe, on a commercial plywood stand. To my surprise it is only plywood and not doubled up anywhere. The solid plywood ends keep it from racking as do the solid plywood top and bottom. The front and back are of a plywood rail and style construction, one style in the back is removable when the tank is empty to facilitate installation of sump equipment that might not otherwise fit through the opening. All of the joints are glued with either biscuits or slip tendons. I can see no evidence of screws or nails other than for the removable stile. The wood was stained and sealed at the factory, I see no evidence of mold. She has salt water in it and large rocks. It took six men to move the tank. Good luck with your project, I will soon be building one myself, the lion-fish arrived today.

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