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    Plans for a baby crib

    My daughter is expecting her first child this summer and would like to have a crib made in the shape of Noah's ark. Of course, dad who will be a grandfather (aka "Pops") for the first time said not a problem and that I would love to. Well, I need some help locating plans to build a baby crib based on Noah's ark now. Any ideas, suggestions, or referrals, would be greatly appreciated by a future Pops. Thanks\\\

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    Genesis 6-9.

    50 cubits wide, 300 cubits long and 30 cubits high. A cubit is the length of a mans fore arm, or about 18".
    You could take those dimensions and down size them a bit, but notice that the ratios are still used today. 6x as long as it is wide, and 10x as long as it is high.
    That makes a pretty stable ocean going vessel.

    What it looks like is kind of up to you, since no one today has actually seen the Ark.
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