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    Dumb question about hardwood thickness

    I am relatively new to woodworking and have only done some small projects so far and nothing with hardwoods. So bear with me if the answer to this seems obvious. Also, I have searched for the answer but am still not sure.

    I am attemtping to tackle my largest project to date and it calls for the use of some hardwood at 1 1/2 inch thickness on the cut sheet. When checking sizing I see that 8/4 S2S hardwood is typically about 1 3/4 actual thickness and 6/4 is 1 5/16. My question is do I have to plane off 1/4 inch of wood to get to that 1 1/2 thickness or am I missing something? That just seems like a huge waste.

    Thanks in advance for any insight here.

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    Depending on the policies of your hardwood dealer......

    You can order it in the thickness you need. I don't as wood tends to move. I would rather remove some knowing it will be flat when I need it.

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    I don't consider S2S a finished size but rather a cleaned up rough board that allows you a better idea of the grain pattern and obvious flaws. Any damage in storage or shipping along with any warpage, cupping etc. can still be removed by the customer to get the desired size and quality required.
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