Hi all ... new member here.

Now that I am an empty-nester, I finally have time for all those projects I have been putting on hold.

My first project is to get my garage workshop set up. So far, I have my workbench made; I made it the same height as the table saw and the Craftsman tool chests: 34". It is 2' by 4', and it is set up in such a way that I can easily change either half of the top with a different surface. Since everything is the same height, the system as a whole should be extremely flexible.

So anyway, on to the woodworking part ...

I just bought my first router, a Ryobi fixed base one, and am in the process of planning a surface for it and making it the first drop in surface for my system. To that end, I want to include a lift that can be controlled from the top with either a crank or by attaching a drill/ratchet driver. I am planning on building a shelf that hangs from the top and is on a track that can be raised and lowered by a threaded rod.

I'm sure other people have done something along these lines. Thoughts or suggestions?