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    Hi all ... new member here.

    Now that I am an empty-nester, I finally have time for all those projects I have been putting on hold.

    My first project is to get my garage workshop set up. So far, I have my workbench made; I made it the same height as the table saw and the Craftsman tool chests: 34". It is 2' by 4', and it is set up in such a way that I can easily change either half of the top with a different surface. Since everything is the same height, the system as a whole should be extremely flexible.

    So anyway, on to the woodworking part ...

    I just bought my first router, a Ryobi fixed base one, and am in the process of planning a surface for it and making it the first drop in surface for my system. To that end, I want to include a lift that can be controlled from the top with either a crank or by attaching a drill/ratchet driver. I am planning on building a shelf that hangs from the top and is on a track that can be raised and lowered by a threaded rod.

    I'm sure other people have done something along these lines. Thoughts or suggestions?

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    I have a powermatic table saw with a wooden extension table. I bought a Jet Exacta router lift and dropped it into the extension table. The router is permanently mounted to the underside and it is fully operational from the top including changing bits, raising and lowering, and adjusting the fence. It's a great set-up! The only downside is again the router is permanently mounted. I have a 3hp Milwaukee attached to the lift and have a Bosch plunge router that I can use for free hand work when necessary.

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    Dude ... at $450, that thing is out of my league! Really cool though.

    The problem for me is that I am broke because I have 2 kids in college.

    That is one reason why I am going the DIY route; the other being that it is a good project for someone who is new to woodworking.
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    That one is closer to my price range, but it is for plunge routers, and mine (being the cheapest one they had at Home Depot) is a fixed base one.

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    Well, here is what I have so far ...
    the holder

    up and down

    the tracks

    from below

    a couple other angles

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