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    Need ideas for spray booth in a small shop

    I have a two car garage that I have turned into my wood shop. I am doing more and more cabinet making and sure could use a HVLP sprayer. Before I invest however, I was wondering if there are any links or ideas out there on how to create an efficient "spray booth" in such a small space - or if there is some sort of knock down plan that could be set up in a small space and then taken down when I am finished the job. I am not overly worried (though I should be perhaps???), about exhaust as I can just open the garage doors and set up a fan or something. I am more concerned about keeping ancillary dust away from the project and protecting the tools in the shop.

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    First thing you may want to do is check your local/state codes. Based upon your posts it sounds as if you are doing this as in a business, not as a hobby. That could have an impact on what you have to do.

    With that said. An exhaust vent and plain old plastic sheets hung on temp frames work fine. 1X2 frame work with slip hinges to take it apart when you need/want.

    HVLP? Depends on your needs/wants. One like this is affordable if you have a compressor. No Compressor? I'd suggest one like this. Pricey? Yup. But it will last and is built to be used in commercial applications.

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