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    Murphy bed with Automotive lift struts?

    I would like to build a queen size murphy bed fairly inexpensively. I saw a nice kit online but the $300 price tag is a bit steep. It appears a lot of the peices I can come up with myself if I'm a bit creative.
    One Item appears to be just a set of automotive lift gate struts almost identical to those on my minivans tailgate. The main difficulty would be getting the right size struts and figuring out how to mount them to the frame without the mounting plates. Finding the exact spot to mount the struts to have the bed function smoothly would be another challenge.
    Anybody with some ideas or experience with these beds?

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    I found this on ebay, it has a threaded end and the size seems about right. (maybe?)

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    I had this same idea and found your post tooling around on the interwebs. Did you ever come to a conclusion on this method?

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    We used the formula on page 4 of this document to specify gas springs for a hope chest lid. The formula worked perfectly.


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