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    A little better then a newbie with grand ideas.

    IMG_20120317_111659.jpgIMG_20120317_111711.jpgMy name is Jim I am married to my best friend and lover Andi.(Andrea) wood working is some thing I am interested in doing and was supprised when she showed interest in it also and come out to the shop to work. Our shop is 12' wide and 24 feet long. We have a radial arm saw, table saw, jointer, planer, couple routers, sanders I am sure I am missing something. My back ground is in construstion framing hanging dryway typictial carpenter stuff. Never did do much trim work. The last 18 years i have been working as a maintance carpenter for a huge hospital. We have made several cedar boxes for family at christmas and a couple shot glass display cases. I figured to just introduce our selves I will post some pics of some of what we have done when i figure out how to do it. I am sure i will have questions and can maybe offer some help. So let me end this with a question. Is there any good pratical use for sawdust i seem to have alot of it . LOL
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    Welcome to the forum Jim.

    Not much use for the dust we produce. You could take a picture of real wood. Bottle of glue and a huge bag of sawdust and sell it as DIY IKEA furniture kits.

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    lol... i like your idea keystone, although I think that would hold up better than the junk made from Ikea. That is the reason I started my company. I wanted to get the great woodworkers together and sell true quality wood works.

    Anyway I would like to see your products sometime and any questions you have, this is definitely the place to have them answered.
    Finally a free place to list your wood products!Visit us.

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    Grand ideas will only take you to higher plains and better woodworking.My mom always said shoot for the stars,fall on the moon but i think you have it better and more like shoot for the universe fall on the stars.Think big and big things will happen.Good luck with all your projects and don't mind your wife,women are pretty handy and if they like something they get really good at it,she may end up better than you and run the shop.LOL.

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    Nice story. Good luck with your grand ideas.

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    Welcome to the forum, Jim & Andi.
    Dave, from Indiana

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    Anyway I would like to see your products sometime and any questions you have, this is definitely the place to have them answered.Platte daken


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