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    I admit that not having to contact the legs is a challenging idea. But initially so was the fact that glue holds joints together.
    Gen WW, I'm afraid I'm not visualizing what you're saying. Is there an image on google you could point me to?
    Thanks to you both.

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    I think the image in your link in post #3 is a good one. It's a simple brace with 45 deg. cuts at both ends and holes for screws into the legs. I'm saying the brace does not need to contact the leg (in fact, I think it's better if it doesn't---then you can take out any play at the rail-to-leg joint by tightening the brace-to-leg connection).

    Gen WW is saying (I think) that if the gap between the brace and the leg bothers you, then you can fill the gap with a shim. If that lets you sleep better, fine. But I still think you're better of without a solid connection between brace and leg. Leaving out the shim will ensure that you are getting maximum tension at the brace-to-leg joint.

    Take a look at some chairs (and tables, for that matter). This brace is a common feature---not on every chair, of course, but it has been in common practice for decades, maybe centuries.

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    Yes, if you feel as if you need a shim there, by all means put them there. If your gap between the brace and the legs is 1/4" or bigger, I personally would put a shim to fill the space. Your legs rock now, filling the void will minimize the the chance of the legs coming loose and rocking again in the future. Keep in mind, if you decide put the shim in, you don't want force the shim tight. What you want to do is make the shim a little snug, then back the shim out a little so it is not tight.
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