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    Table Saw Motors

    I'm planning to buy a new table saw.

    I plan to buy a new table saw.

    I don't want a benchtop saw, and I can't afford a cabinetsaw. If I could, I would probably already have
    a General, made in Quebec, not Taiwan, with a decent 3HP induction motor.

    So that leaves a contractors saw, somewhere in the $900. to $1,200 range. I guess that means a saw
    made in Taiwan or China. I think I could live with the shortcomings of one of these saws, except maybe
    the motor. There are numerous detailed reviews of these saws indicating the pros and cons but none of
    these reviews seem to offer any information or comments on the motors other than their voltage, their
    horsepower, and the fact that they are induction motors rather than universal motors.

    I assume that none of these motors are made in the USA or Canada. Do any of the forum members have

    any comments or advice on the durability and/or quality of these imported motors ? Do some of the
    imported table saws have better motors than others ? The horsepower issue is not relevant . I know that
    many of their horsepower claims are ridiculous, but then all the motor manufacturers play games with

    this specification.

    with this specification.

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    I apologize for this disjointed post. It's my first post on this forum and I got it a bit mixed up.

    I meant to ask if any forum members have any advice or comments regarding the
    durability and/or quality of these motors. Do some imported table saws have better motors than others?

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    I don't know of any controlled tests or studies that have been done. Many of the Asian motors (and tools). How well they hold up depends in part on how hard they're run. You may find that some of the start or run capacitors are prone to failing, but those are easily and inexpensively replaced. There are cheap Asian motors and there are really good Asian motors....a lot really depends on what the motors are built for....same is true of American made motors.

    Common sense tells me that smaller motors that are worked hard won't hold up as well as more powerful motors that don't get taxed as hard, but I don't have any data to back that thought.

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    Most saws and motors seem to be made overseas now days. I have 4 Grizzly/Shopfox tools (cabinet saw, bandsaw, shaper and molding machine), all are Taiwan in origin. Oldest is about 20 years old, all have their original motors and 3 of the 4 are well used. I have not had any motor problems with any of them and I do cut alot of 2"+ wood on my saws.

    One thing, all my motors are run on 220v circuits. May be different with 110v ones, but the ones I have are working just fine.

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