I made a bookcase for my baby daughter, it is painted white with old based Kilz primer and then oil based Behr enamel to match other paint in her room. I had thought to put a few coats of Minwax Clear Brushing Lacquer on as well, and have been doing the painting with an HVLP spray gun I bought. This is the first I have used. I had a few questions as I was getting to the lacquer part:

1) Do I need a clear coat application? I want it to be durable, but tired of painting by now. If adding a clear coat won't add much, I may stop here.

If I do need a clear coat for durability:

1) Does Lacquer yellow? I know there are several types. In reading the can it says not to thin or spray this one, and it is not labeled as to the type of lacquer it is. I will return this one, but what would go on an oil based enamel well? I would like something that would spray well. I know Polyurethane yellows, and have read that all oil based varnishes yellow. In that case, maybe I should just leave it painted.

Thanks for any help