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    Trying to learn new things

    I have been in the woodworking business for over 3 years. Young and determined I try to learn new things everyday as a hobby in the small (16x10) shop I have. Limited tools but in the process of getting tools but have access to a lot. My latest adventure are 3 stumps of oak about 3ft tall and size ranges in width. Looking to make a rustic looking stool with them and would like to preserve the wood with the best stuff I can get. Being in a small town I am limited to Lowes and the local lumber company. Any ideas or tips would be helpful.

    Thanks to all for reading,
    Ryan J

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    Great aspirations and attitude. Living in a small town may be a major asset when you work with wood. Fewer things distract you from your shop. Good luck with everything.

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    great work guy.its good to work with wood in small town.this is good opprotunity.keep it up and go ahead.

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    Keep honing your skills. Your attitude is the best tool you have. Best of luck with everything.

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    We just have to make the best out of what we have.


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