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    New to woodworking/Reclaiming barn wood

    We are interested in reclaiming barn wood on our property and using it for flooring in our house. Has anyone done this? We are also beginners. Too difficult? Easy enough? Please advise

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    I would suggest that you find a local mill that will turn it into Flooring.

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    I agree with keystone about finding a local mill. If you are going to remove it from the barn yourself, I recommend punching the nails through the boards instead of pulling the nails outs. By punching them through you won't have the splintering and denting with the wood therefore giving you more usable wood for flooring.
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    just got done with a PILE of reclaimed white oak for flooring, email me with any questions you have, it is the most awesome look and we could not be happier with ours!!!


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    The deconstructing of the barn is a tad physical, but well worth the effort. I would recommend having the wood kiln dried and resawn, so that it is all of uniform thickness. It is also helpful to tongue & groove the material by running it through a moulder. Another option is to glue it to the sub-floor and biscuit joint it as you install it. You can see some of the projects we have done here:

    Let me know if you have any questions. Hope you enjoy you new floor!


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