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    Question Checkerboard coffee table inlay?

    Iím thinking of building a coffee table for my apt soon. 8/4 Solid cherry top , with a 1/2" thick rock maple/walnut checkerboard inlayed into the top with a bolivian rosewood border around it. If the checkerboard is inlaid into the top will the seasonal change ruin the table top? Would routing a pocket slightly wider and relieving it allow everything to move and still be ok without having a visible gap on the outside? I'm new to woodworking and have build coffee tables before but have never done a large wood inlay like this. Any thoughts/ suggestions? Thanks

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    I think you really need to do the inlay with a thin veneer (1/32" to 1/16".)
    Any solids thicker than that will definitely expand and contract with temperature or humidity changes.

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    cool thanks. I wasn't sure if a gap would help. but wood changes too much from what i'm gathering to have a piece that is 1/8" or thicker.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    So you basically needs a customizable one.

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