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    How to Make a Family Room for the Whole Family

    Our client's family (two adults and three children) wanted a room in which all their different activities could take place. Their TV and stereo components, video games, the computer(s), the home's business area, library shelving and additional storage (for all those small things that would clutter every surface if not put away)... were all incorporated into the plans for these built in cabinets... Our plan was to create a room that had a place for everything and look great at the same time.
    Although they wanted built-ins that were richly appointed, they expressed their wish to maintain the appearance of 'hand wrought' craftsmanship. I knew they didn't want 'rustic', but perfectly straight-grained, 'select' boards and veneers wouldn't portray enough character for their tastes.
    So... we decided use cherry but made sure to include some great looking imperfections, so you might get a sense of the actual trees from which this furniture was made.

    I'm including my renderings so you can appreciate how our plans became realized.

    Although labor intensive, rich details make a world of difference.

    We've done many built-ins that are difficult to get a good picture of...
    ...and there are some that just seem made for it (though we removed some furniture so you could see the cabinetry).

    With good design, craftsmanship and a great client... you can't go wrong.

    Our web site has quite a number of projects on the web site's photo gallery. Videos as well.

    Russell Hudson / Hudson Cabinetmaking, Inc.
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    I'm new to this site and it's my first post. That is an amazing job and you nailed it with “Good Design, Craftsmanship and Great Client" makes everything work, like poetry. I'm getting back into the cabinetry/finish carpentry, miss doing that kind of work you show above. Great Job.
    Wood Built llc

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    Excellent design, woodwork, craftsmanship and talent to come up with these big project. Great choice of wood, hardware and finish. Keep it up!

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    Great work man! I loved the designs.

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    Amazing project! Makes the room really looked elegant and classy.

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    Wow, this is what we call expertise. Not everyone can come up with such ideas. The cabinets were really well designed keeping in mind the needs of all members of the family. Great work.

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