I have a closet in my studio apartment and I want to put a desk within the closet (I have no room for it anywhere else). I have found some bookcases that fit nicely within the closet but now I am working on the writing surface. I want the writing surface to be a piece of glass about 1 meter wide by 50 cm deep. I want to be able to slide it out when I need to do work (there will be a keyboard tray suspended underneath it - that is one of the reasons why I want it to be glass). I need it to slide about 25 to 30 cm out, a little more than half of the depth. I am looking for drawer glides that will let me do this. The ones I see in the local hardware store require screws be used to screw the hardware to the (wooden) drawer. Is there a drawer slide that has a clamping mechanism rather than holes for screws? My objective in this post is to find some way to install the glass desktop so that it will easily pull out and slide back in.