Thanks in advance for any advice!

I purchased a used Centauro Feeder -- wow is that thing heavy! It has a pretty good size feeder/roller about 10" Diameter and 10" tall -- I'll be resawing blanks that are 12" x 42" long -- 4/4 to 8/4 in thickness (cutting 1/8" to 1/4" slices out).

Question #1 - Where should I position the center of the feeder roller in relation to the front/cutting edge of the bandsaw blade?

Question #2 - It looks like I'll need to add 2" to 3" inch extensions on the corner of my Bandsaw -- which is a 32" Invicta. Are there premade 'corner extensions' available... (probably not) what material would you use?

Question #3 - I don't like the roller fences that I see with most Resaw feeders... I'm thinking of making a 5' long fence out of 2" MDF and facing it with Formica --- I'll make it 11" high -- and then counter bolt it to my existing fence... any ideas/feedback about this?

Thanks again.