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    Why Do You Woodwork?

    For me, a combination of things led to my passion for woodworking: I enjoy solitude, I like working with my hands, and a love the smell of wood. And once I got good enough to start producing items I could sell, it was also nice to make some extra money on the side, though money doesn't have much to do with it.

    How about you?

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    I got into woodworking when I was still in middle school, it's my favorite subject and got a lot of A's for the projects made. Fastforward, now I have a wife, kids and an office job, this is my stress reliever, got to use my hands and be creative. It's like a hobby for now and hoping to build a business someday.

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    I started woodworking when my grandfather gave me a Kawasaki 14.4 volt drill. I went home and drilled holes into firewood. I found it fun so I bought a small workbench and started making small projects, like cigar boxes. 2 years later I bought a table saw, a Dewalt cordless drill, drill and spade bit sets, jigsaws, circular saws, and much more. Now I work on my bench all the time and love it. The thing I love the most is that you can have fun with making a pile of wood into something great. I am only 14 now and I can't wait to turn something like this into a career. I guess I feel it is fun because a lot of people think that playing on a computer or something like that is fun, but I can have fun working with my hands and I get something out of it when I am done. So in the end, I guess that I could say that I work with wood because I have fun doing it. To me, woodworking is priceless.
    - Nick Miller

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    I have developed a interest for woodworking when I was very small. My father loves to do it and I was assisting him in this work. Later I developed a more passionate interest for it and I feel relaxed doing this.

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    Norm Abrams - New Yankee Workshop.

    I have always worked well with my hands. I have been in construction since I was old enough to push a broom (dad's business)...I chose to learn the finish part of his business...cabinets, trim etc.

    I started building my own decks on the side and found I had a lot of wood pieces left over, too small to use on another job but too big to toss. So, always being interested watching Norm, I used a bunch of the wood to make small things like plant tables, a small bench on my own deck etc.

    I started making Adirondack chairs for my pool...I built my own because all the ones we were looking at were cheezy built and basically mass produced. I got a lot of requests for me to build them one. I just sold 5 to some University of Central Florida students, painted in the school colors & initials. 20130214_171426.jpg

    Now I make patio tables too but have also been building shelves, cedar closets with built in drawer systems.20130217_175020.jpg20130217_175205.jpg
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    It started with my dad and now I am hooked with woodworking too. I think it's more of passion for crafts.

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    My father has created this element in me. Now, i am so keen to it. He was so much good in his makings and i will soon upload some pictures of their work.


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