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Thread: New Table Saw

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    New Table Saw

    Hello, everyone!

    I just joined the forum.

    I have been doing woodworking (hobby) since I was a kid (many years ago).

    Currently I have a Sears flex-drive table saw that I bought new in the 80's. It has a cast iron table and wings. The fence has always been pretty poor, but I have sort of lived with it (constantly checking the measurements at the front and rear of blade).

    I am going to make new kitchen cabinets for our house and will be doing a lot of cutting of Melamine PB. I don't want to waste the time to check the rip fence every time I set it. Therefore I want to buy a new table saw with a better rip fence. The flex drive shaft costs about $120 to replace when it breaks, so I don't want to spend more money on upgrading the fence on my current saw.

    I have narrowed down the choice to two table saws:

    Steel City 35990G Table Saw with granite table

    Grizzly G0715P Table Saw

    The Grizzly is $894 delivered. I can get the Steel City at a local tool supply store for $699 (special deal).

    Which saw do you recommend?


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    I have the granite top craftsman table saw and love it. I believe it is almost the same as a steel city saw. It passes the penny/nickel on edge test with no problem. I have had the saw for over a year, purchased it on clearance for about 700 bucks. It has side mounted tenons so adjusting the table for square is easy enough. I just received a woodpecker saw gauge for xmas and the blade is still true. I have no chips or cracks in the top and don't see it ever being an issue unless I knock the 450 pound saw over.
    Have never had a grizzly table saw but have heard good things about them. I do have a grizzly band saw, 14.5", it is nice. I would definitely say the fit and finish on my craftsman is better. On the other hand grizz table saws might be made with closer tolerances than my band saw.

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    Oh then do you like it and which type of it.

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