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    The right routing bit... Or?

    I am trying to find a routing bit that can match my current cabinets. Pictures below:

    I would like to add some more kitchen cabinets but would really like for them to match what I currently have. Any ideas on how to get this look? Thanks in advance.

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    Just a guess, but you may have to have it custom made. The steps on the raised panels, at first glance, looks as though you could actually cut them with a straight bit. You'd have to cut one step at a time, but in one of the close ups it appears those step have a small radius on the bottom of them...if true, that makes it harder. It also looks like there may be a slight angle to the side of each step. So whether you could do it EXACTLY is questionable, but you might get close enough. For the frame, the inside edge appears to be a simple radius and you can probably get very close with a stock bit. I expect the outside edges would have the same treatment as the panels, and the same considerations. A custom bit would still be cheaper than most other alternatives.

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