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    What size bench will get by?

    So here are my thoughts, and i'm just looking for some good advice from maybe some folks with more woodworking experience.

    I've only recently decided to get into furniture making and i'm putting together a woodworking bench for future endevors. I'm building an allaround bench that hopefully can continue working for me as my skills and interests change over the years. The bench plans in mind are french, 4'' thick top, flush legs, front leg vice with sliding deadman, and twin tail vice, two rows of bench dog holes spaced at 4'' intv.

    I do alot of work as a carpenter with remodeling and contruction and constantly am working with 4'x8' sheet products (not necessarily items that need to be clamped down). I'd like the table to be able to accomodate the work i already do, while i explore cabinetry and some furniture.

    Will the above bench, built at 36'' wide (sacrificing 12'' for the sake of saving cost) by 8' long, impede other woodworking activity i might venture into? I've read quit a few posts that indicate the backside of the bench won't get used. I'm ok with that, as I will use it for other jobs, but lacking this type of experience I don't want to find out later that I need to build a differen't rig for something simple that I could have built into the bench to begin with.

    Your thoughts?


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    Hi tampabeachpuppy welcome to this forum. You are on a right place we could have a good discussion on wood working topic.

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