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Thread: Old sycamore

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    Old sycamore

    I've had a few interesting sawmill jobs in the past year, but this one tops them all! I got a call from a fellow who had pulled some sycamore logs out of a sand bar on the Missouri river. These logs were 60' long to the first branch and some as big as 5' diameter at the base. The roots were still attached. He had a sample carbon dated and it came back between 400 and 650 years old. They could have been growing when the Lewis & Clark expedition passed through. It was all I could do to cut the smaller tops, since my mill can only handle a maximum of 36" diameter. It really pushed my Norwood portable sawmill to the max, but it held up well. I slabbed the pieces as wide as possible for table tops. About half of the wood had ring shake so bad that it couldn't be saved, but some of it was spectacular, and had taken on mineral stain after hundreds of years under the river. I'll sell some, but have some special projects in mind for the best pieces. Even the smaller pieces can go for pen turning blanks, chess pieces and the like.

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    Nice score. THAT is a lot of sycamore!!

    Do you quarter saw your sycamore? I'm sure you know it has some killer beautiful "quilting" when qtr sawn.
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