Just wanted to seek out some help here for a novice woodworker, not a novice to power tools. I went to Home Depot this week to pick up some MDF for a new bathroom closet, and came home with this table saw. Looking at reviews, I found they accept 20% Harbor Freight coupons, so I got the saw for $400 which I'm very pleased with. To the setup of the saw.

It took about 6 hours to set this saw up and calibrate everything. The only thing that I could not get to install properly was the anti-kickback pawl. I've attached a couple pictures to show what I'm experiencing. I've always owned smaller contractor saws or homemade circular saw jigs that didn't have this safety feature, so I'm still using the saw for now, but would like to have this safety feature for obvious reasons. I just don't know if I'm doing it right, which I don't think is the case here.

The spreader/riving knife setup is to come all the way over the blade for through cuts - DONE. The blade guard installed perfectly fine in the middle slot - DONE. The pawl was to be aligned over the furthest slot. The way this works is there is a push button that exposes a smaller diameter portion of the rod to fit inside the slot, then when you release the button, it brings the larger diameter portion of the rod back to secure the pawl into place. I pushed and pulled the lever after install, and it didn't budge, however, I didn't pull it UP to test. So, I run a board through it, the pawl raises, and shoots off and into the work area, luckily it didn't land anywhere near the blade. So, I start inspecting, and for some reason the push button is not coming all the way back out after aligning in the slot, and the angled portion of the rod where it changes diameters is partially exposed inside the slot. So the slightest force allowed the device to completely come unlocked and useless.

You can see, that the button needs to come out another 1/8" to eliminate the exposed angled portion of the connector rod from allowing a launch. Any advice?

photo 1.jpgphoto 2.jpg