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    New Guy

    Hi everyone. Just joined and would like to tell you a little about myself. First, I am a Christian but I don't push my beliefs. After that, I am a husband of a beautiful wife and a "Daddy" of three. I am self retired I guess you could say. I spent almost 11 years and some change in the Army and toured Iraq 4 times. I got out for my children and now spend my days at home. After finding out that I could get financial help with a small business, I decided to go with a woodshop and a metal shop to keep me busy. I am very early in the development stages. So early, in fact, that I don't have 90% of what I need yet. I am going to consider this business a hobby and my only goal is to make just enough money to keep my hobby free. I did not join this forum to advertise, but to learn. I have enjoyed working with wood my entire life and really wished I had the tools to do the "cool" stuff for many years now. The metal shop is more for my brother, who will be co-owner very soon. I am most looking forward to giving gifts from my shop. I have always been a fan of making gifts rather than purchasing them and my outlook has spilled over into my 15 year old daughters thinking, as well. She just got a small chest from Hobby Lobby and stained it for her BF. Even put little music notes inside it since he is in the Marching Band. I am probably an "over" open person and willing to answer just about any question someone has of me. I very much look forward to chatting with all of you.


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    James. Thank you for your service.

    Keep us posted on how things are progressing with the new shop. I have been self employed since 2009 and am very happy.

    Feel free to ask questions as you transition.

    Ralph Bagnall

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    Just a new member forum! I enjoy writing, learning and doing woodworking but unfortunately I haven't got my own tools. But that's not going to stop me from learning knowing more about it everyday. Willing to help any newbie and ask experienced members here . I just believe in knowledge sharing.

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    Hi I'm Layla and I am a new woodworker and member here too.

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