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    Can't seem to measure correctly

    I love woodworking the thought of going to the garage when I get home gets me through the day at work! I have picked up all essential tools in the last year except a Joiner and thickness Planer. Here is my problem for example my wife bought a nightstand to refinish and it was missing one of two Drawers I measured the existing draw marked my wood and began to cut after assembly I wanted to check the build and my drawer was almost a half inch too long and I seem to do this just about every time. I know this is the very basics but does anyone know what I could be doing wrong to end with such out of wack measurements? By way I do measure twice and make the witness mark.

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    "Measuring twice" is only a good start. There are times when I take the same measurement 4,5,6 times.....AND WRITE IT DOWN.

    If I'm figuring where to cut, drill...whatever, I'll do the math 2 or 3 different ways....add it all up....subtract it back down.

    Whenever possible, I eliminate measuring altogether. Hold the piece in place, then mark what I need.
    Dave, from Indiana

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    Thanks Dave! I will take your advice on multiple measurements and use existing pieces I am relocating when available.

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    Another alternative is a story stick:
    Frank C

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    Thanks Frank! That is excellent.

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    Did you account for the thickness of the drawer front?

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    I actually thought about that and it is possible I measured the whole depth including the front and cut the the sides the entire depth including the thickness of the front :-(

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    Also some cabinets or tables have drawer stops in the rear of the drawer to keep the front flush with opening. So depending where you measured the depth, you can get an incorrect depth reading.

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