Hi guys,

I am currently creating a Google like maps directory website for all kind of blue collar jobs (wood work, metal work, plumbing, electricians, etc), and I was hoping to get answers from the community, and what kind of things you would want to see and use.

Basically, you will be able to sign up to the site for $X per month, and be able create an online presence for your service. When the user visits the site, they will be greeted by a map (powered by Google) that is focused on their city, with pins that when clicked, will redirect to your page.

The list of features you will be having will be:
  • Feature to upload a logo, or a picture of you.
  • Have a gallery of your past works, shop, furnitures, etc.
  • Address, phone number, social sites (twitter, facebook, etc) to contact you.
  • Testimonials and reviews from your clients regarding your service (moderated by you).
  • A list of services or skills that you can offer (build furniture, etc.)

So the question is, would you, as a professional use this kind of service or would you not?

I am also the sole designer, and developer of the project so if you have any questions, please let me know.