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Thread: Box Joint Jig

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    John Robinson (Guest)

    Box Joint Jig

    Hi guys I am relatively new to woodworking and would like to try my hand at box or finger joints. Is there a jig that I can make that will enable me to make good box joints. I have a router and router table also a table saw bench. If someone has any plans for the construction of such a jig or know where I can find plans to make one, I would really appreciate it. I beleive you can make box joints on the saw bench with the right jig.

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    RE: Box Joint Jig

    Try a [|Goo gle Search] and there's a ton of [|This one]

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    RE: Box Joint Jig

    Ahh you've asked the right man!

    The *best* jig is a "Lynn's". You can get the plans for free at:

    Here is a pic of the shop built prototype:

    Don't let it's rude appearance fool you. It cuts *perfect* joints and in some ways supasses Incra's and other jigs. You can use it with or without a dado blade and you can adjust the joints from "Hammer tight" to "hinge loose"

    Here's a pic of a box made with it:


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