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    Joe Ciardo

    Wholesale Hinges

    Help. Tried everything I can think of to find a supplier of small brass and brass plated hinges and hardware for jewelry boxes, music boxes, etc.
    I am particularly interested in a stop hinge that is surface mounted, I have looked at all the woodworking catalogs on the market and would like to know where they get their stuff from?
    We are a custom woodworking shop and have both tax id, and references
    Would appreciate any help
    Merry Christmas

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    RE: Wholesale Hinges

    Search on yahoo. I've found jobbers that'll sell by the thousand. Can't lay my hands on the catalog right now, but you can buy direct from the manufacturer if the quantity is right. I'll look around the shop and see if the URL turns up. is one such place. There are *MANY* others.

    Search for "Brass Hinges" on Yahoo and it'll give you over 800 web site matches.



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