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    Ohio Forge table saw

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    I have a neighbor who is selling a Ohio Forge Table saw for cheap, but it does not have a rip fence. I have search online for a parts supplier for this company, with no luck. Anyone out there know of a place to get this part. Or a word about Ohio Forge.
    I found the answer to my own questions !WALK AWAY!

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    Jeff H (Guest)

    RE: Ohio Forge table saw

    Check at Harbour Freight.

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    RE: Ohio Forge table saw

    My first reaction is to walk away.

    However there may be other considerations...

    Say you buy the saw. You can add a rip fence from Incra or (is it) Jointech. Close to $400. You'll be happy with either. Then there's the miter. $100 or so from Rockler. What about the motor??? Then a link belt and maybe new pulleys.

    You're looking at $600 or so. If the saw is cheap enough then you may be able to wait for a Jet, Delta or Powermatic contractors saw, maybe even on sale. You'll be able to move the fence and miter to the new saw and sell the old one.

    Even if you buy a new saw there is still the precision miter and rip fence. You may settle for the fence from the saw manufacturer and be happy. (I didn't and just ordered the Jet without the expensive fence system. I truely love the Incra fence.)

    I had a similar opportunity and decided against the used no-name brand. My Jet was about $1100 and then a $50 rebate from Jet. Now I have a Jet saw all dressed up. If I went the other way, I would have about $800 in an all dressed up no-name. Then trying to justify why the no-name needs replaced. (No thanks.) In my case the logical choice was to do it once, charge it once and listen to the static once.


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